Had a little stroll out this afternoon as the weather was so bright and sunny. Went up to Mitchells Fold Stone Circle just off the A488 near Shelve, Shropshire. Follow the highlighted link above to the English Heritage site.

Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle was constructed in the Bronze Age, over 3,000 years ago, using dolerite stones from nearby Stapeley Hill.

Today there are fifteen stones, arranged in a rough circle, but there may once have been as many as thirty. Much of this damage is ancient.

The tallest stone was once one of a pair, and these would have formed an impressive entrance into the circle. It is thought that there may also have been a central stone.

We do not fully understand why stone circles were built, but it is clear that they were ritually important for prehistoric people. They may have provided a focus for funerary rites, or perhaps had a calendrical function, with carefully aligned stones marking important lunar or solar events.

Mitchell’s Fold is just one of a remarkable number of prehistoric monuments in the surrounding landscape; there are also two other stone circles, a long barrow and numerous cairns. Nearby was the important Bronze Age axe factory at Cwm Mawr, where distinctive axe-hammers were produced and traded extensively into central Wales and England.


I also tried out my new Apple IOS6 panorama feature on the iphone4S. See what you think below?!

Then went on up to Corndon Hill just a klick away and watched the Paragliders on the eastern ridge. Managed to get some good shots on the DSLR and some video on the iPhone.

Lady having a tandem ride using the ridge lift. They stayed up quite a while and even found a thermal towards the end.

It got surprisingly chilly up there so I headed back to the car and headed home to Shrewsbury. Saw the sign for this charming hamlet…John Wayne would have been proud.


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